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Director of operations


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Delivery times






Accepted payment methods


Payment period



Yoshio HAMANO (濵野 与志男)

1-8-4 Wakabacho, Chofu, Tokyo 182-0003 JAPAN





Delivery charge: 200 Yen for delivery within Japan

*Waived for ticketless/e-ticket events


We cannot refund paid-in fees under any circumstances except for cancellation of the event


Please allow two business days after receipt of your payment for the tickets to be dispatched

*Tickets will be reserved at the box office (delivery charge waived) in case of short-notice (less than three business days prior to the event date) bookings


VISA  mastercard  AMEX  Alipay / bank transfer


Three business days upon booking for bank transfers


500 Yen - 8,000 Yen